Best Crappie Lures: The Ultimate Crappie Guide

Hello fishing buddies,Welcome to Lost Duck Outdoors. Since you are reading our article right now, you are probably looking for the best crappie lures. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Our team consists of the ultimate crappie experts… 😀Just to start out with, crappie fishing is one of the most amazing fishing styles since they are really aggressive creatures and have weird feeding habits.  However, you can never be sure if you used the right lure because they are extremely suspicious fish.You can fish the whole day long without a single bite!! But don’t worry. Before we start highlighting some effective lures (we checked them one-by-one) it would be a good idea to tell you some basic information about crappie.

Crappie Fish

 best crappie luresWhether you are inshore or offshore fishing, you can find them in lakes all over the US. It is a freshwater fish with tremendous abilities and hunting instincts. Water temperature plays definitely a significant role when it comes to crappie fishing and lure selection.Summer is the best fishing period as they tend to approach the water surface so you can choose top lures. If you are going to fish during winter, you should know that they are moving down and feed close to the water bottom. In this case, you will need a lure that grabs their attention!Crappie jigs, crappie spinnerbaits with shiny blades are the best since you are fishing in murky waters. Moreover, every fishing enthusiast knows that dawn and dusk are the best fishing hours!! Consequently, you should select the best crappie lures wisely according to the fishing environment, water temperature and season.

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