Crappie Fishing Tips In The Sun

Secret to catching more fish in the sun

Here are three key tips to catching more fish during the day 

Find boat docks

Boat docks are a great location for fish to find shade during the hot sun. The shade of the docks allow the fish to hid and ambush bait when they come in for the shade. These docks are key areas for people and fish so make sure you find docks that are not occupied. 

Also check the depth of the dock and the water near it. The docks near dropoffs are the best as the fish will be locating to structure near the dropoff. 


Find Swim platforms

Swim platforms are also another overlooked spot as they are often in deeper water and provide shade away from all other structure. 

It is amazing how often I will get on a mess of crappies on these platform when no one else is catching fish. The key here is to be able to get under the platform and let it sink.


Shoot under the structure

Now the key is to get the lure under the dock. When shooting the dock you will need to do side casting (which is left to right and not up to down). You will want a lure with enough weight to cast and then try to skip it under the dock.

Give it a few tries and you will get this down. 

When fishing swim platforms you will want a heavier weight as this will sink quicker!

So those are three awesome tips to get you catching more fish this summer!

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